Slashing Taxes

California taxes are way too high. The pretty politicians expect workers, families, and small businesses to grin and bear it. But, they can’t. The tax burden is just too high. It’s causing thousands of families to flee California and small businesses to shut down. They simply can’t afford to live or do business in California anymore.

Slashing Income Taxes

John Cox will implement the largest tax cut in California history: $30 Billion. That’s more than double any other proposal. This will permanently put $30 Billion back into the hands of Californians. After all, it’s their money, not the government’s.

Closing Corporate Loopholes

Californians should benefit, not corporations. California gives special tax breaks to certain businesses or industries that are not available to other businesses or industries. Corporate loopholes in California are sometimes big and obvious and sometimes they are smaller and barely noticed, but they all add up.

Eliminate Wasteful Spending

As a Certified Public Accountant, John Cox knows how to find wasteful and
ineffective spending. He’ll squeeze every penny he can out of state government, in order to return more money to the taxpayers. Hundreds of millions and even billions of dollars could be saved by rooting out waste, fraud and abuse from California government.

Zero Based Budgeting

Zero Based Budgeting is the same kind of budgeting that families and small
businesses do. It’s simple and just common sense. Create a budget starting at zero and figure out how much money you need to succeed. Instead,
government takes the previous year’s budget and uses that as a baseline for the next budget. Then the government determines how much MORE it can

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California should be a state where families and small businesses thrive. John Cox will make it happen.For more details on how we will accomplish this, read the full plan below.



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