Solutions to End Homelessness

There are homeless living in our neighborhoods, committing crimes, and defecating in our streets. Many are dangerously mentally ill and need treatment. Yet Governor Newsom’s false empathy allows dangerous homeless to rule our city streets.

Go to any city in California and the homeless problem speaks for itself. John will use the power of the courts to force homeless people to receive mental health treatment.

Cut Homelessness in Half

The old way of doing things hasn’t worked. As billions of dollars have been spent, homelessness has increased.

As a CPA, John Cox knows we could be spending taxpayer’s money more wisely. As a successful businessman, he has new ideas to solve homelessness in California.

Treatment First, Before Housing

Putting treatment first means treating the homeless as people. It means believing that lives can be transformed and saved.

It believes that those who are currently homeless can one day be self sufficient. It means more than just housing. It treats root causes.

Utilize and Increase Enforcement Actions

Most would agree that increased treatment is both good in and of itself and would lead to reduced homelessness. But how do you make sure more treatment happens?

Increased enforcement, or to put it in Beastly terms: Compliance Born of Compassion.

Focused Funding

From San Francisco to San Diego, cities have wasted millions and millions of dollars on housing-first solutions.

As a CPA, John Cox will put an end to throwing good money after bad.

Shifting funding from failing Housing-First programs to Treatment-First programs is a solution with a proven track record and a massive cost savings.

Lower Housing Costs and Increase Speed to Market of New Units

To lower the number of the homeless population who are homeless because they simply cant afford their homes, lower the cost of housing in California.

To accomplish this, do away with the bad policies contributing to the regions housing shortage and high housing costs by reducing barriers to building and bring on a homebuilding boom.

Read the full plan

John’s beastly solutions will cut homelessness in half over the next ten years. For more details on how we will accomplish this, read the full plan below.



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