Schools That Focus on Our Kids

The politicians have failed our students and stripped parents of any power in their own children’s education. John’s plan changes that. He will keep schools open, focus our schools on education, not politics, and give every parent the choice to choose the best school for their own children.

Keep Schools Open

Millions of California students lost a year of in-person learning last year even as other states and Gavin Newsom were able to safely return to school. Cox’s plan would keep schools open, doing what’s best for the students, not the bidding of the teachers’ unions.

School Choice

Cox supports Educational Savings Accounts (ESA) which would put power in the hands of parents and not unions. With an ESA every student would receive $14,000 a year to go to whatever school is best for them. This gives all students access to any education they want and forces public schools to raise the bar.

Put Students First

Education should be about learning reading, writing, math, vocational skills and being prepared for higher education. It shouldn’t be about advancing political ideologies and indoctrinating kids. As Governor, John will make education focus on what it should be doing,
not on politics.

John Cox will also reduce the power of the bureaucrats by focusing 70 percent of all education funding in the classroom where learning actually takes place. Currently, nearly $35 billion dollars a year, or roughly 40 percent of spending goes to bureaucrats and overhead.

John Cox will also make sure all students have a great teacher by eliminating teacher tenure for poor performing teachers.

Read the full plan

John was the first candidate for governor to call for a full return to in-person learning. His education plan is focused on doing what’s best for California families. For more details, read the full plan below.



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