Address Homelessness

California leads the country in homelessness. John knows we need to treat the root causes and not just build more expensive temporary housing.


Make California More Affordable

Taxes, housing costs and more make life too expensive for average Californians. John will make the beastly changes needed to make our state affordable for regular people.

Slash Taxes

California Taxes are so high, they are unbearable. John will make it so families and businesses don’t have to flee the state.

Open Our Schools

Our children are falling behind and need to be in school. John will be a beast when it comes to fighting for our kids.

Reopen Our Economy

Small businesses and workers are hurting. John will reopen and strengthen our economy.

Lower the Cost of Energy and Make it More Reliable

John knows that we need to make our energy cheaper and more reliable. He will expand energy production in California.


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