“I offer solutions, not excuses. It’s time to vote like our future depends on it – because it does.”

John Cox

The Issues That Matter

Reducing the Cost of Living in California

With some of the highest taxes in the country, CA is chasing away businesses and innovators. Every Californian, regardless of income, race, or geographical location has felt the ridiculous strain of tax policy in our state. I will reduce California’s sky-high sales taxes, vehicle license fees, and gasoline taxes. Taxes, along with housing costs, drastically impact the cost of living in California.

Housing cost moderation, by promoting housing development, will help immensely to bring down all costs. As a businessman, I continually upgrade my company’s systems and improved the efficiency of my operations; I will do the same top to bottom in state government.

Fighting the Pandemic & Getting Us Back to Work

As we continue battling COVID 19, it’s absolutely essential that we vaccinate immunocompromised and elderly Californians. After several months, California still sits on 40% of our allocated vaccine doses, ranking us in the bottom third of all 50 states. The key to effectively administering this vaccine to our at-risk populations lies in a private-public partnership between the state and pharmacies. There are over 8,000 pharmacies in California; we must use them to more effectively and quickly vaccinate our population.

California’s economy has been struggling as a result of the “one size fits all” policies coming from Sacramento. I will open our economy, while following CDC guidelines. Additionally, I will open up schools immediately to ensure that students are in extracurricular activities, interacting with their peers, and learning in a classroom. The mental, physical, and emotional health of our children must be among our top priorities.

Solving the Homelessness Crisis Through Smart Leadership

Treatment is the key. Although just 12% of the U.S. population lives in California, 27% of the U.S. homeless population lives in California. To solve this issue, California leaders must enforce our laws and strengthen our mental health and drug treatment programs. A public-private partnership with Churches and other non-profits can help house and treat our homeless population. Conservatorships and other means of requiring treatment have to be used to clean up this problem.

Ending Corruption in California Politics

For too long, California politicians have taken advantage of their constituents through irresponsible wheeling and dealing. There are countless examples of how our local politicians have cost taxpayers millions of dollars in the corrupting influence of special interests, lobbyists, and big donors (click here for more). Shady practices like this are exactly what is wrong with our system. Regardless of where it’s coming from, I'm against corruption, in our government and in businesses. I’m not a career politician. Unlike our current governor and my opponent, I’ve spent my entire career creating jobs and helping people to earn a better living. You can count on me to continue fighting in the interest of the people and fighting corruption wherever I see it.

Reforming Education to Give Parents the Power

Sacramento politicians like Gavin Newsom are more concerned with pleasing special interest groups rather than improving our education system. I am a school choice advocate and supporter of charter schools – parents and students deserve a choice in their students’ education. I will also promote merit-based pay for teachers and administrators, and I will push to end tenure. I want teachers to be paid more, but that higher pay must be tied to actual results.

Putting an End to Devastating Wildfires

Blaming climate change is unacceptable; we must adapt; we must improve our forest management system by managing vegetation, reducing hazards, and maintaining forest health. Additionally, I have proposed the idea of an “Air Armada” with 100 large tanker equipped jets to deliver overwhelming force to fires. This gives fire-fighting teams a quick response to stop fires before they become infernos that threaten our families and California’s wildlife. We could get the funding from ending the boondoggle of a ‘bullet’ train.

Fixing Public Management of Water and Power

The complete failure of the Sacramento establishment to provide the necessary funding, authorization, and follow-through to build adequate surface water storage is the single greatest reason California continues to suffer unnecessary water shortages. Even the most recent approval of funds by the California Water Commission for both the Sites and Temperance Flat reservoirs are but a fraction of the funds needed to complete these two vital water storage projects. We’ve passed the water bonds; now we have to use the funding to build infrastructure – desalination and recycling should also be in the mix.

It’s unacceptable to have blackouts; it’s due to a lack of supply. We must employ an all-of-the-above strategy - meaning more natural gas production, preserve hydroelectric power and expand modern and safe nuclear energy. We must also promote competition for utilities in an effort to bring down the costs for California families.