Opinion: I want to recall and replace Gov. Gavin Newsom because I won’t make problems worse like he does

Problem-solvers are what California families and businesses need most right now—not more self-absorbed leadership from a governor that has lost touch with citizens.

John Cox launches exploratory committee to challenge Gavin Newsom in 2022: “The state is in crisis”

“An affordable and quality life in California, that’s what we want, affordable and quality, and we’re not getting that right now.”

Commentary: Gov. Newsom has turned Disneyland into the Tragic Kingdom

Californians have lost faith in Governor Newsom—and they showed it at the polls. Hypocrisy, lies, and disillusionment have no place in our state’s government. It’s time to move on, Newsom.

CA gubernatorial candidate John Cox urges schools to reopen now

Founder of C.H.A.N.G.E.-CA John Cox talks schools, business, and more with local reporters. Could California’s problems be better addressed by someone with a business background?

Republican John Cox jumps into California gubernatorial race, taking aim at Newsom, Faulconer

Republican contender John Cox’s bid for California governorship comes at a critical time for the state. Governor Newsom faces criticism and a possible recall after mishandling the coronavirus pandemic.