for Governor


“Building a bright future requires a
governor with integrity and ability.
I will get the job done.”

John Cox

John Cox is not a politician. Instead, John Cox is a:

  • Fiscal conservative
  • Political outsider
  • Problem solver
  • Proven job creator

Problem Solver – Not a Politician

John has stepped forward to run for governor because, like many Californians, John is deeply concerned about the decisions being made in Sacramento today.

Over the past four decades, John has transformed several businesses from nothing to thriving enterprises with over $300 million in assets and almost 100 employees, and now he is ready to work for a better California.

From saving hundreds of local jobs to turning a $17 million loss into a $3 million profit over the course of one year, John had proven he knows what it takes to get the job done.

John’s priorities are the priorities of Californians of all political parties. He will work to reduce the cost of living, create high-paying jobs, and fixing homelessness across our state.

John’s economic growth plan is built on the core belief that growth starts by investing in California’s workers, small-business owners, innovators, and entrepreneurs, and by eliminating the uncertainty caused by intrusive, over-reaching government.