John Cox is the nicest, smartest beast you’ll ever meet in California. He’s a successful businessman and entrepreneur who knows how to fix big problems. He’s running for Governor to save California.

Our state is spiraling downward because it’s been failed by career politicians and insiders who look out for their own interests, and not those of the average Californian.

John was born with nothing and raised by a single mother. He worked his way through college, then earned a CPA and law degree. He built a successful business from nothing.

Because of his background, John isn’t like the beautiful politicians that have failed California. John has spent a lifetime standing by his principles and getting results.

As an outsider, John doesn’t owe the establishment anything. He understands what it’s like to scratch and claw to survive and succeed. That’s why he’ll make the big, Beastly changes our state needs.

In addition to his business success, John is an active member of his community serving and participating on numerous boards and charities. He founded an affiliate of Rebuilding Together, a nationwide organization that repairs the homes of low income seniors and disabled persons. Since its founding in 1991 by John, this organization has repaired over 1,000 homes and involved almost 20,000 volunteers.

John is the proud father of four daughters. He and his wife, Sarah, are active in and attend Nativity Catholic Church.


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